Letter to the Editor: Steckman has passion for success

Letter to the Editor: Steckman has passion for success

Letter: Steckman has passion for success

I had the privilege of teaching at Mason City High School for the last 21 years of my 34-year career. Knowing Sharon Steckman, it was disturbing to read the letter maligning her association with professional educational organizations such as the Iowa State Educational Association, an organization dedicated to quality public education in Iowa.

Sharon’s passion for helping students learn and succeed was evident. Former students speak glowingly of her. As our state representative, Sharon brings the same dedication, determination and energy she had as a second, fourth, fifth and Title I teacher in the Mason City Schools.

Mason City school administrators thought highly enough of Sharon to ask her to be on many district committees, including the Superintendent’s Advisory Council, elementary math and language arts curriculum committees and an elementary-to-middle-school transition team.

She helped write the district’s substance abuse action plan and implemented the Adopt-a-Grandparent program. She volunteered with other Mason City Education Association members to negotiate with administration for the teacher salary schedule and benefits, which are a fraction of those higher-level administrators receive through a private process.

I am voting for Steckman for state representative. Sharon continues to be actively involved in improving education for all students at every level, though education is just one of her priorities.

A ranking member of several committees and assistant House majority/minority leader, Sharon is a strong state representative and tireless advocate for us. She is found at virtually every event. She cares.

Sharon listens, researches issues, seeks out experts, engages people in discussions and votes with the best interests of all citizens in mind because she lives here, too — she isn’t moving. Sharon works for us to have the best opportunities and quality of life. I urge you to join me and vote Steckman.

Cheryl Ross, Mason City

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