Letter to the Editor: Supporting Steckman

Letter to the Editor: Supporting Steckman

Letter: Supporting Steckman


Oct 3, 2016

It’s my pleasure to offer support for State Rep. and retired educator Sharon Steckman, who served the children and families of Hoover Elementary for many years before entering into public service at the state level.

As her principal, I observed Sharon’s tireless work ethic and commitment to the children of our community and to the programs that supported their achievement and school experience.

Sharon consistently arrived at school well before required, stayed late, worked many weekends, and without hesitation provided extra help for any child needing it.

Additionally, she was an advocate for students and programs that served them, but was also willing to step forward, when needed, to be involved with a wide variety of committee work, curriculum revisions and district initiatives.

She was a positive force but certainly no pushover when we disagreed or the proposed policies of central administration, or ISEA, or her own education association ran contrary to her view of quality schools and effective programs.

Sharon always listened, although not always agreeing, and would respectfully discuss with anyone her thoughts and points of view.

At the end of the day, she was a team player and would move forward with her most important priority … serving students and families.

Rep. Steckman has spent her years in Des Moines advocating and fighting for quality Iowa schools, protecting our environment and our communities from corporate profiteering and making sure that our children and grandchildren will be left with a legacy that will include protections for our waterways and lakes, clean air and soil that is not so chemically saturated that our drinking water must come from a bottle.

I support Rep. Steckman and I hope that you can support her as well.

Tim Walrod, Hoover Elementary Principal, 1984-2008 (retired)

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